What makes you say that music isn’t fun?
Try to catch your breath with live music last night held at Asia Asia Ballroom,Kuwait City.
7 Bands competed for Battle of the Bands 2013. It was amazing seeing the crowd participating their own fans representing their own favorites.

To Start with Pinoy Kuwait Talents presented as follows :
1. Broken vow – Aaron Jurell Suarez and Joyce Ann Bernal
2. Pusong Bato – Jennalynn Bernal
3. Diamond – Joyce Ann Bernal
4. Go to Distance – Aaron Jurell Suarez
5. Harlem shake – Ric Gloria, Ram De los Santos, Jules De los Santos, John Paul Bersoza
6. Gangnam – Jubelle Anneth Suarez, Jennalyn Bernal, Valerie Bersoza , Em-Em Gloria

Followed by

All Biritan Finalist – “Magandang gabi”
1. Ms Leriza Samaco Onza – Anak ng pasig
2. Mr Manny Penera – May bukas pa
3. Mr Gene Angelo Samudio –
4. Ms Ariane Linda – Isang Lahi
5. Mr Almario Militar Lopez – Dakilang lahi
6. Mr Mansour Melad K. Amin – Pinoy ako
8. Ms Lhea and Ms.Mary Angel –
7. Rap Infantry –
All Talents – “Ako ay Pilipino”


Second Part of The Show is the event itself. Each band presented at least 30 minutes of performance.

1. Los parientes Band –Remarkable band and songs repertoire
2. Lilium Band
– Paul Stanley Ramirez – Vocals
– Jomar Maquilan – Guitar
– Benjie Salarda – Bass
– Marvin Lariosa – Drums
3. Abandoned Band
– Gene Guevara – Vocals
– Jhay Esteban – Drums
– Regie Jovillanos – Bass
– Roy Dapulong – Lead Guitarist
– Dj Vhin –
4. Blue Chords Band –Darling of the crowd
5. Quartala Band
– Ron Garovski – Guitar
– Eric Diola – Bass
– Greg Santos – Vocals
– Walfrido Banez – Drums
6. Brown Rabbits Band
– Jim – Vocals
– Joseph – Guitar
– Danny – Bass
– Francis – Drums
7. Passenger’s Band
– Mark Rocillo – Drums
– Jeremiah Sumagpao – Vocals
– Marquis Mender – Guitar
– Kurt Ramirez – Vocals
– Cedric June M. Palaban – Lead Guitarist
8. Evolution 9 Band
– Marvin De Leon – Vocals
– Dave – Guitar
– Manuel Saldivar – Bass
– Roland – Drums
The event was hosted by yours truly ( Lyza Pajo ) and Brenz.


Criteria for Judging
Technical Proficiency 20%, Balance of Instruments, Harmony and Vocals.
Vocals 20% Voice quality, Diction, Clarity of words, and Style.
Music Ability 20% Flexibility of music, instruments and Vocals
Stage Presence 30% Performance, Interpretation and Justice to the song plus the Stage Appeal.
Audience Impact – 10% additional percentage on the tickets sold, Audience participation, and darling of the crowd.

Show started at 7pm for the battle of the band and the announcement of the winners was almost at 11.30pm.
Minor Awards:
Best in drums- Quartala Band
Best in Guitar- Abandoned Band
Best in Bass –Abandoned Band
Best in Vocals- Abandoned Band
Darling of the Crowd – Blue Chords
Best In Keyboardist-Blue Chords Band
Major Awards
2nd runner up- Lilium Band
1st runner up- Quartala Band
Champion-Abandoned band
Sponsors and Supporters during the event :
Seba Med
Red Bull
KKK – Kapangpangan Keng Kuwait
Ms Ruth M. Melad
Ms. Madis Nunag Bouhawas
Mr and Mrs Miguel Narbarte
Mr and Mrs Richard Canlas
Mr. Roosevelt Devera
Ms Theta Pineda De Guzman
Cebu Pacific Air.com
Chicken Inasal – Kuwait
Mr.Ahmed Darwish – Indomie
Mr and Mrs Kamal Amin
Anonymous Sponsor
Syco D’j Mix
Kuwait Music
Music is part of our genes,part of our life and uplifts the talents of each individual.
Congrats to all Winners!